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Tobaruela Abogadas was founded on July 1, 1992 as an independent feminist law firm in Seville. The office was founded as a response to the social and legal invisibility of the victims of gender-based violence (GBV) of that time, with the aim of defending the rights of women and their families. Our methodology promotes the importance of the victim’s rights, particularly of self-determination in taking any legal action.

This office bases its structure on two fundamental pillars: awareness and resilience. On the one hand, the education and active training of both legal professionals and the general public and ourselves through conferences, courses and university internships. On the other hand, the continuous and progressive fight for human rights through a critical, inclusive and intersectional gender perspective.



Amalia Calderón

Amalia Calderón is a feminist lawyer and teacher. Member of the ICAS and practicing since 1992, her specializations are family law, criminal law and gender violence. Since 2010, she has been the coordinator of the ICAS Official Shift against Gender Violence and also organizes the annual initial and continuing training sessions for the members of the specialized GBV shift. As a coordinator, she attends meetings of CADECA and the Seville City Council Observatory, as well as other public entities and organizations. She is also an associate professor in the area of ​​criminal law at the Pablo de Olavide University since 2014. She has appeared on several occasions in the Andalusian Parliament, during the debate on propositions and law modifications related to gender equality. Calderón has participated in various publications such as …… He has been a speaker in an extensive network of courses and seminars on equality and GBV, training entities such as ESPA, local and national police, or ICIDE. Since 2018, he has belonged to the Andalusian Animal Defense Law group.

Amalia Calderón T.

Amalia Calderón T. is a legal and artistic researcher. Her specializations are animal law and interspecies gender violence law, and hydrofeminist law. She graduated in Law and Sociology from the University of Warwick and has two master’s degrees from the University of Amsterdam: one in the Sociology of Gender and Sexuality, with a thesis on the GBV testimony of European migrant women; and another in Artistic Research with a thesis in poetry as a legislative methodology in Land Law. She has been the organizer and coordinator of the interdisciplinary course Posthumans in the Anthropocene at the University of Amsterdam, and has organized workshops for the Gerrit Rietveld Academie university, in addition to various presentations and exhibitions. His publications appear in publishers such as the University of Warwick, Rijksacacademie, ArtEZ University, and others. Since 2021, she has belonged to the editorial board of the academic journal Soapbox Journal, and since 2023 to that of the feminist encyclopedia This Is Gendered. She has worked as a rescue coordinator in the Children’s NGOs NAD and Safebow.

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