Tobaruela Abogadas


Animal cruelty remains a recurrent and urgent problem in Europe: from illegal ownership and exotic animal trafficking, to the abandonment, misuse and abuse of animals in ;entertainment; or hunting areas or the systematic killing of species for human consumption.

The foundations of animal law reclaim the agency and rights of sentient beings who, under our anthropocentric gaze, are silenced into lives and deaths of terror. This firm focuses on re-imagining the natural world as an ecosystem integrated into our conscience and laws, from which we can learn and thrive and that we must protect.

For years, we have paid special attention to the regulations of the welfare of animal companions during divorce or separation proceedings, as well as to any mistreatment or abandonment of such animals. Now, we aim to expand our vision to cater also for situations involving the exploitation of animals beyond the household, such as the illegal ownership of exotic animals.

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